Monday, 9 May 2011

Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal

You wait 4 months for an update and two come along at once...typical...

So here it is....finished - at least til I get itchy or discover a new technique. I'm pretty happy with the result if you don't mind me saying so.

I'm slightly less happy with the photography but there you go, can't have everything....

I'm particularly happy with the misting/weathering on the muzzle flash suppressor and the wood finish, the muzzle looks nicely worn from heat of many blasts and the wood, well, looks like wood...

close up woodgrain detail..mmm woody

Muzzle/Flash suppresor weathering

I've tried my best to capture the lovely scope effect but my aforementioned lack of photography skills can't quite do it'll have to commision one from me to enjoy it's glory to the full in person ;)

still, here are some pics to give an idea of what the deal is...

Rear of the scope

front of the scope

Thanks for looking

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