Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mini Boba Fett Intergalactic makeover

Whilst doing my last mod project on the Hasbro Boba Fett Blaster I remembered my 1/6 Boba Fett that was languishing in a box under the stairs for 2 years...
First of all it was just to use up the paint I'd mixed on the mini Boba blaster

Then I got to thinking...why not finish the whole thing off?....So I kinda have.
The original idea was to put a Dragon models body, new hands, replace the feet etc...but I'd run into a dead end then and so decided now, to go with what I've got.

So it's a Dragon head (James) on the original Hasbro body and a repaint of some parts.

I had the vintage 70's 12" fett and scalped the pouches to fill the inexplicable gap in the later (1992) Hasbro ammo belt - superglued and repainted the whole belt

a repaint for the red and chromed chips on the helm and gauntlets...

painted in the LED chest display

and a touch of brass and thge red light deatil on the ear cap and rangefinder

and finally heres Boba (James) Fett without his helm - scarred by a red hot screwdriver :D

Some other details worth mentioning are the added pipes from the gauntlets to the sleeves and the neck/head cowl from Dragon's Zanis. But details schmetails, isn't he cool?


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