Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The cheapest way to make your own Bladerunner blaster

While I'm waiting for stuff to set and dry on the blaster conversion here's a little bit of info on another supergeek past-time I sometimes indulge in.

All you need is a decent printer, some good quality card and LOTS and LOTS of patience...
For those not familiar with Papercraft it's a fantastically cheap way to make some great models, sculptures, replicas...you can make motorbikes, fighter jets, spaceships, even a full Iron Man costume (if you've got the time) I've made some modest creations, two versions of the famous Viper fighter from Battlestar Galactica, have a look....

a classic Viper MK1 from the original 70's series

Viper MK2 from the reimagined series

Now to the item you all want...the papercraft Rick Deckard PKD blaster, yours for absolutely free (link below picture)

But don't thank me, it was originally created by this insane genius - UHU02 Papercraft Master check his site out it's really a tribute to patience.

Or if you've really got some time on your hands, layed up in hospital, girlfriend dumped you etc..try building one of these bad boys

For those that are still interested WAKE UP AT THE BACK! there's a great forum that hosts the latest models in this creative genre here - Zealot Papercraft Hobby Forum

now get busy or get off my blog...


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