Friday, 17 September 2010

Yeah I'm a what? Blade Runner Toy blaster modification

Since I was a kid and the movie blew my (ankle) socks off, I've always wanted to own my very own Rick Deckard, skinjob destroying, Bladerunner blaster but my word do they cost a few quid...imagine my joy when I stumbled across a super cheap "knock off" version in a chinese gift shop in Spain! So I decided, as there are none that I could find, I would start a blog documenting my (rather heavy handed) attempt at converting it from a garish childs toy into a near as dammit prop to be displayed with pride (lets see about that...)

The inspiration is originally from a rather fine fellow Kev who has previously converted one or two of them and in turn from this chap...

for those not familiar with the starting product here's a pic...mine cost about three Euro from a random Spanish gift shop/Chinese tat monger

It has flashing lights and ridiculously annoying sounds..all of which I've gutted as per the video above. I'm also gonna attempt to install more realistic light effects (static led's) just like on the real thing...which is pictured here...

after removing the innards...

I noticed that part of the poppy outy barrel end, when inverted, fits nicely as the barrel end to extend the overall length

So far so I cut off the 'props' and extra plastic at the top of the grip to give it a more cutaway feeling as per the real prop

I've also decided to cut off the trigger guard and install a larger metal one in anticipation of installing double triggers

After much cutting, testing, recutting and testing it finally slots in quite nicely...

So progress so far - "mocked up" prior to other works and of course painting, greeblies and electonics...

Next.....In my search for greeblies I came across an old 12" Hasbro Darth Maul lightsaber hilt..looks like a laser sight to me!

I cut out a groove for it to sit into on the side of the revolver portion...

And in it pops...

Now I just need to hollow out the saber for wires and led's.
Next was making space for and test fitting of the on/off switch for the steyr magazine

It just about fits after removing the switch workings and squeezing it a bit with some plyers.
You can see in this set of pics that I've also begun sanding off the lettering and raised edges
All I await now is my modelling putty to arrive and it's time to get serious..painting soon!



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