Thursday, 23 September 2010

Progress at last..albeit shaky...Bladerunner Blaster - quest for glory

When things were finally dry enough for me to tamper I leapt upon the chance to continue my labours in pursuit of my PKD Blaster, it's time for THE UNDERCOAT OF DOOM!

I've decided to give all the 'metal' parts a chrome undercoat, that way if it gets dropped, knocked or chipped it'll only add to the realism with some shiny metal showing least that's the theory

First off was to mask the handgrips..they'll be another colour - undecided as yet.

and so to the spraylab....

mmmmm  shiny...

However the lovely, flawless chrome finish highlighted my inability to properly prepare the raw surface, there's some nasty looking plastosculpt crimes here...hmmm

UGH! not good...well that's to be taken care of hopefully a bit later. In the meantime the 'revolver' parts I've plasto'd over also ended up looking the worse for wear, but ever the optimist I seized upon the chance to MODIFY and IMPROVE...creating a template for some overlays to mimic detail on the original prop.

It came out pretty well, overlaying two layers of cut-out plastic from a shaving foam cap and superglueing the buggers on...

roughly similar to this detail...I said roughly!!

there's also one for the other side but more on that that's pretty much the progress for today up to date, just a last picture to show a roughly half assembled, incorrectly painted work in progress, makes me happy

oh and I've also been working on these for when the gun is finished and ready for display...eventually

until next time


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  1. Wow! That is so cool! You have the better version of the Chinese PKD blasters series. Compared to yours, mine is a midget and more like an oversized derringer.


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