Thursday, 23 September 2010

One small step for man, a giant leap for nerdkind..Bladerunner Blaster chronicles

There's still something niggling me about this toy template I'm working with..sure it's 65% similar to Deckards gun but that remaining bothers today in as I rummaged in my box of bits for inspiration I pulled out an old Maplins AA battery box...I gazed it it, then at the scalpel...then back at it..and back at the scalpel..lines were forming in my mind and then it struck me - bravado, "go on cut it" said my mind. "I don't mind if you do" said the battery box very understandingly and yielded to the sacrificial blade....

and so it is done.
Now the left side looks much more different to the right, the bulge of the Steyr magazine is there..with some careful application of filler it will be perfect!

There have been some aesthetic losses tho, namely the twin red led's that were going to appear on that side, but I figure it's a trade off for now. bulge for blink, it's all androids and replicants really.

the added bonus is, of course, that the new fitting covers my plasto sculpting sins
as Errol Brown once said "Everyone's a winner baby"

thats the truth


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