Monday, 25 October 2010

I AM THE LAW...or I WILL BE THE LAW...SOON...Dredd Lawgiver update

I'm kinda getting into this plastic cutting lark, it's fun, fairly quick to get results and pretty sturdy for construction. Thats right I said construction..I put aside my weak excuses and made the leap from 2D to 3D

First and foremost is the foregrip box...

I've just superglued the edges, sealed with some electrical tape and cut a rubber washer into 4 pieces to act as little support braces on each's surprisingly strong.

Next up is the front box structure - the Playstation gun has a small one already moulded but I really wanna bulk out the front lower part like the movie version so more box making...

With the front on it doesn't look half bad..and again is surprisingly strong construction. I've had to cut a bit out though so it fits snugly with the larger box created above

Submitting to my inability to work out the complex templates for the rear box atop the handgrip I fell back on my trusty friend FIMO Airdry and sculpted, dried and sanded the offendingly awkward spot....

lastly with the application of a little nugget of plasticard to tie in the detail and some careful sanding to make indentation to carry round from left to right, this section is almost in the bag

Another application for the FIMO was the shoe plate of the handgrip. Again on the movie version its quite bulky so I've layered 3 steps of 1.5mm plasticard and sculpted a more bulky front end...It may need a bit more bulk but that remains to be seen.

lastly for todays update...As with the PKD Blade Runner project I've been inspired to think of other items to display with the finished prop so here's the side thread that's going on when I get time....


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