Friday, 8 October 2010

this one keeps running...Blade Runner Blaster a' continuacion

Things are grinding along slowly at this stage, I've been considering options for the final stages and am waiting on my electronics genius to help me make up the LED's that will be in the final piece.

One of the gaping errors (literally) that I have been pondering is the massive hole left at the back of the upper receiver after I cut off the excess plastic....

ugly huh? not to mention low grade and uncraftsmenlike..tut, tut. However thanks to my dear old friend and yours FIMO I managed to sculpt a piece that slots (quite nicely) into the Undeckardlike gape. It has the added bonus of looking a bit..I did say a bit..not much, like the receiver on the real prop.

real prop

My fimo bodge job

and in place....

Now..the problem I have with this, is that it tends to lend to much length to the whole pistol. The charm for me is that the PKD Blaster is stubby and that's still a ponderer. I've made a flatter piece to cover the gap but I'll decide which one wins when th electronics are in place and it's ready to be assembled finally.

The other dilemma I've had has been the handgrips. On the movie version the handgrips are a lovely semi transparent amber coloured plastic. I don't have that option obviously but I also don't really want just a regular brown wood style handgrip. So after much experimenting and about a thousand coats of different browns, tans, oranges etc..I finally stumbled on this cool rubbery effect by mixing rust coloured pigment powder into the still damp paints.

I may still experiment further with a coating of laquer or some sort of varnish..but again that can wait for now.
In other news..this dropped on my doorstep yesterday...

It's a cheapo kids toy replica of an AR15 or M4 assault carbine used by troops today in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as, I'm sure many other delightful locations.

with a quick bit of attention from my screwdriver, some masking tape, spraypaint and some more pigment it took me less than 24 hours to turn it into a nice realistic looking piece of kit

with all the nasty flashing lights yanked out and replaced with rolls of coins to add weight, and all the transparent plastic parts well and truly sprayed over the final result is this...

Should be handy when the zombie apocalypse happens..well as soon as I can figure out how to turn plastic into metal and magic up the working innards of a real gun.

Still, useless as it is it's a nice addition to the Baronial prop armoury....

as ever, more to come....

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