Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lawgiver progress...detail and undercoat

I'm 90% done with the physical mods of this project. All templates except the final vents on the foregrip are affixed. The vents are proving to be quite tricky with eleven very small and very precise cut outs. I've ruined 2 so far trying various techniques and so I'm am finally gonna go for the thinner plasticard (0.5mm) to enable easier and more precise cuts.

here's progress pics thus far....

Justice Department Eagle detail for the right side

left side - undercoated with primer

Right side showing eagle detail - also undercoated with primer

I've also made progress on the badge templates...everything is there...In theory, all thats left is to isolate each layer, print and cut!

And finally, whilst strolling nonchalently around a large and overwhelmingly evil supermarket chain looking for trouble, I found the NERF Nightfinder dart shooting toy gun and it immediately leapt into my basket for the next project...Here's a very hurried Photoshop mock up of what could come to pass should I get my act together....a REAL Lawgiver no less!!

Until next time....keep it geeky!


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