Friday, 29 October 2010

GRUD! Almost done!

Happy days are here..all the cosmetics are done...I've sanded off the corners of the foregrip boxes to make them look less like plasticard abominations and more like the rubbery molded effect the real prop has. I also sanded the top edges of the templates glued onto the sides as they also looked far to conspicuous.  Everything has been painted  - the top half in a metallic gloss black, the lower half and handgrip in a soft matte black and the chrome A couple of little detail screws have gone in and DROKK! it's all looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

For geekmatic comparisons here's the orignal Playstation light gun....

and here's the original prop from the movie...

and after 50 years hard labour on Aspen penal colony, here's my effort...

Now the final stages are yet to be completed - It needs two LED's installed at the rear for the power up lights (red and blue) and the battery pack is under construction so the ammo selector lights at the front of the weapon light up when the trigger is soon as that's done I'm out on my Lawmaster dispensing Hi-Ex justice to all the local perps

Next project  - Comic version Lawgiver...stay tuned!


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