Friday, 15 October 2010

In the meantime - Stormtrooper Blaster Build archive

While I await delivery of the items for my next prop conversion/build, In true Blue Peter style - here's one I made earlier....An E11 Blastech Blaster as used by the minions of Darth Vader and his evil galactic empire

It initially arrived at my front door like this, naked and virgin white..

after running around the house 'blasting' the cats, missus and windows out I finally sat down to work.
the first nerve wracking excercise was to drill out all the holes along the barrell and the muzzle itself
(where i snapped the delicate end detail off..ho-hum)

then after sanding and shaving down the excess parts from the mould, I test attached all the parts with little wooden rods, then attached the curly wires as seen in A New Hope (or episode IV) on some of the blasters.

I also made my own scope rail from some length of steel as the resin one was rather flimsy.
the photos make a jump here as I got so involved I forgot to take them as I progressed...but I added screws where there were just resin impressions, carved some aurek besh characters into the end of the magazine housing.

Then I proceeded to undercoat/silver overcoat and finally metallic black topcoat and then set about weathering the whole thing with dings and scratches that it would have being dropped onto very firm space station floors.
Then lastly sprayed it with a dull finish clearcoat to protect my hard work.

Now the final part (build pics sadly lacking also) was to make the scope appear to have a functionality.
I used a small telescope from a toy store and cut off the end of the resin scope to attach the end of said telescope.
I also put inside the scope a targetting reticule effect printed onto the back of a CDR to give it a shine/colour depth

For the front of the scope I used a domed crystal sticker and another piece off a little telescope I had found in the drawer at home.

and viola! Here I am in action with the finished piece...


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  1. Having wielded the above weapon, I can testify to the fact that in a man's hands, it makes ya feel dirty sexy. That, by the way, is a GOOD thing.


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