Tuesday, 19 October 2010

next on the chopping block...Judge Dredd Lawgiver (Movie Style)

Okay so we all know that the Hollywood blockbuster, Stallone starring "adaptation" of the legend that is 2000ad's Judge Dredd was awful. Not just awful, terrible. Not just awful and terrible but an insulting, disgusting rape of an icon, like someone telling you they made you a delicious sandwich but forgot to tell you, just before you tuck into it, that it's a shit and bogey with moldy catterpillar infested lettuce and rancid catfood sandwich.

Okay I din't enjoy the film.

However it did throw up a few nice ideas, the costumes looked pretty good, the Lawmaster bikes were pretty faithful if a bit wussy looking and the Lawgiver gun looked pretty cool too. Even though I'd rather construct a comic strip version of the Lawgiver gun I don't feel my skills are up to this task yet..maybe soon. SO...in the meantime I've come across this baby...

It's a playstation Logic III Predator light gun for zapping your telly with..but doesn't it have a striking resemblance to the Lawgiver mkII as wielded by Judge Spudd, Sylvester Stallone from the excellent movie adaptation..ahem..

There have been several attempts before to change this toy gun into the version seen above so I at least have some technical pointers (thanks Gav Jupp and Kevin Goldsmith) It has the capability to house the lights as long as I don't do anything silly during the build phase.

So I have begun..finding a Predator gun on fleabay for a fiver I have set about removing any excess lumps of plastic moulding to facilitate the first stages of conversion...

It's made of quite durable plastic so it took a fair amount of time and elbow grease to remove the extra pieces. I've also removed all the internal electronics and movable parts to avoid damage during the carnage that usually occurs during the prep.

The next stage was to measure out templates for overlays that will eventually be cut from 1.5mm styrene plasticard and glued onto the base gun. I did this first of all with a ruler and eye but after much frustration decided that it would be better to scan the gun and create the templates using Photoshop...far more accurate. I hope.

then to print the templates onto paper and test fit on the gun to see if or where I need to make adjustments

The templates will be layered up from the bottom. So base layer to hide gaping holes, detail overlay etc...etc...
This part was fairly straightforward BUT on some of the templates I will need to make side walls to make it 'box' around the gun..I forget sometimes that it's a 3D object and get a bit carried away.

so far so good....lets see what the following days/weeks/months/years/decades unveil in the process..

stay tuned for more updates as they happen...


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